Full Terms & Conditions specific to your booking are emailed to you alongside your booking request. Please refer to the full terms and conditions therein as different or additional terms may be applicable.

The payment of any required deposit(s) or full payment of a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions of the terms and general information contained herein.
All rates are quoted in EURO and already include all necessary VAT and taxes.
Credit card billing is based on the effective sales rate stated by the Central Bank of Turkey for the specific date of the transactions. We are not responsible for additional credit card fees or discrepancies assessed by your local bank.

One person should make the booking and payment on behalf of all the guests going the tour. We require an online booking, bank transfer or a signed and completed credit card booking form sent to us by fax or email message, as a gaurantee to proceed with reservations of services and payment on everyone’s behalf.
This person will be responsible for making sure all payments due are paid on time and will be responsible for passing on, all information, vouchers, schedule changes or any other information forwarded by Bella Bosphorus to him/her, to their accompanying traveller/s.
On receipt of your credit card booking form, we will proceed with the necessary reservations. On completion, we will email you a full confirmation of service/s and any documents necesssary for your reference to keep, print and bring with you.
Please check your booking confirmation and all other documents thoroughly as soon as you receive them and please advise us without delay about any details that appear to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make amendments at a later date.

Bella Bosphorus Ltd accept Amex, Visa and MasterCard for payment for all programs. No second-party credit cards or debit cards can be accepted. Alternatively, bank money transfers are also accepted for advance bookings (subject to 20 Euro processing fee for bank transfers).
A reservation can be made using our secure online booking system or via our credit card booking authorization form for all transactions. For security purposes, we do require your signature if using our credit card booking form.
Please ensure your credit card has been authorized for transactions overseas. We are under no duty to provide any services or travel documents to the client unless due payment is completed.

The tour prices quoted are valid for dates of the respective tours only. Before full payment or deposit for a travel service is received, Bella Bosphorus reserves the right to amend prices due to any circumstances outside the control of Bella Bosphorus such as but not limited to changes relating to governmental action, increases in transportation costs (including schedule airfares and the cost of fuel) changes in any dues, currency fluctuations, taxes or fees chargeable for services (including landing taxes or embarkation / disembarkation fees at airports), increases in admission fees or any other unforeseen circumstances.
The pricing of any service/s quoted per person is based on the full number of participants taking part in the service/s (as the calculated total cost is shared between this number of participants). If the number of participants decreases for any reason after confirmation, then Bella Bosphorus has the right to increase the cost per person for the remaining participants to cover this difference.

Clients can cancel at any time. The cancellation will be effected at the time that Bella Bosphorus receives a written request from the client, and regardless of cause the following cancellation charges will apply:

• More than 14 days prior to commencement of first service: 50% of the total amount.
• 0 to 14 days prior to commencement of first service: 100% of the total amount.
• The booking deposit is a non-refundable deposit at all times.
• No refund is given for a partially used or untaken service.
• Airline Tickets that have been purchased in conjunction with all our land arrangements will follow the cancellation policy according to the specific carrier. In most cases air tickets are not refundable. Change fees, penalties for air tickets cancellation will be assessed directly at time of cancellation.

Should the customer or any one or more of the persons for whom he has booked the tour wish to cancel the tour, whatever the reason for such cancellations, Bella Bosphorus must be advised thereof in writing under the signature of the customer.

We highly recommend that all clients purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Once the first day of service has commenced, no refunds can be made for any specific tour, accommodation, sightseeing and other services not taken.